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About Context Coaching


Context Coaching was established to provide clients with coaching underpinned by a solid grounding in cognitive behavioural science, empirically validated techniques thus understanding the ‘how to’ of human behaviour change-

‘How to’ -coach most effectively to accelerate development and insight for excellence in the workplace and in social interaction 

‘How to’ - assist clients to manage and thrive through change that constantly impacts every level of organisational and business life 

‘How to’ - establish a collaborative and solution focused process to help people and organisations to achieve their optimum, whether it be in leadership, teams working together, developing high potential managers, increasing people skills for managers, or handling clients  



About Libby Binsted


Libby Binsted, Director of Context Coaching, is an executive coach, organisational change coach, sustainability leadership coach and trainer who has been working in the field of coaching, training, organisational change and emotional intelligence for twenty years. She has designed and developed coaching and training programmes for small business to large corporates with emphasis on accelerating and supporting people through the myriad of complexities of change. She is a specialist in the more recent field of emotional intelligence (EI) and has delivered presentations and workshops on EI. Her work in increasing a person’s EI combined with coaching has led to measurable success from CEOs to homeless men.

Libby is a graduate from a world first - a coaching masters degree from Australia’s oldest university (Sydney University), with an undergraduate degree in Economics from the same university. Read more