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Context Coaching has considerable expertise in the utilisation of evidence based coaching (EBC) techniques, with significant research to support it as the most effective methodology for coaching success.  

This method of coaching integrates solid research with the most recent advances in coaching to provide optimum application for the client to progress. EBC was pioneered by Dr Anthony Grant from the Coaching Psychology Unit,  University of Sydney with the standards advanced from this methodology supported by the University of Sydney Coaching and Mentoring Association (USCMA). Read more  


Coaching is offered one on one and in small groups for teamwork. It is solution focused, action oriented and customised based on the goals set by the client. 


Context Coaching provides  

  • coaching for senior executives and managers  
  • coaching for sustainability and leadership 
  • coaching for motivation and commitment to the organisational role 
  • insight and cognitive reflective time, rare in a busy commercial world 


Context Coaching adheres to the principles of EBC with the knowledge this produces the most productive outcomes for the client, irrespective of their level in the organisational hierarchy. 

Coaching is very powerful, increasing awareness as well as developing confidence and options specific to the client. Read more