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Emotional Intelligence (EI)



Libby Binsted is a recognised specialist in emotional intelligence measurement and training. EI has been shown to contribute to optimal functioning in the workplace and socially through an evidence based model of EI measurement- the MSCEIT (Mayer Salovey Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test). The premise of EI is that the information value in emotions can make thinking more intelligent, thus enabling intelligent problem solving, decision making, leadership skills and reasoning. There are numerous spin offs from this including more effective handling of staff, lower levels of stress, less depression and anxiety, and better quality relationships. Read more


Emotional Intelligence is an ability we are all born with and it can be developed. The MSCEIT test is offered to clients to measure their emotional intelligence and to develop EI for a increased success in life and work. Read more


Libby has successfully increased the level of emotional intelligence with CEOs to homeless men.  



MSCEIT Assessment EI Test


Libby Binsted, an accredited user of MSCEIT, offers the opportunity to assess your emotional intelligence online via an EI test, which takes approximately one hour of your time. 

You will be provided with a full report of your EI profile. Areas for development are indicated in the report, which with coaching and feedback will accelerate your EI capacity over several coaching sessions. Read more