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Libby Binsted is an organisational change coach, a sustainability leadership and change management consultant. Libby’s expertise is with engaging with people and turning on the lights in terms of insight and personal skills.  


Libby spent a decade training professional people in communication skills and from that solid foundation and academic scholarship, has expanded to areas of executive coaching, leadership development, changing cultural mindsets, managing change in project management in the private and public sector and emotional intelligence enhancement from CEOs to homeless men.  


Libby is dedicated to making a difference in understanding what the obstacles are to change. Libby is passionate about what it takes to achieve corporate change and that corporate change is not possible without personal change.  

What does she achieve?

People change -
Real transformation and permanent improvement.
Business process change – more effective and efficient producing better outcomes
It’s about results when Libby works with her clients to achieve the development they need to gain that pivotal role essential for their career success. Her speedy and incisive path to mutual understanding of the key areas for action is the first step to each client acquiring the tools they will use forever. 

Experience and Professional Credentials 

·         Sustainability coach for Greenpeace, Sydney Water,  University of NSW

·         Change consultant in Tower Australia, CBA, Westpac, Trust 

·         Trainer - 20 years experience in interpersonal skills training with a diverse group of professionals, working with individuals on a one on one basis, small groups and as large as 100 people 

·         Economics degree with majors in economics and government  

·         Masters degree in HR Management and Coaching 

·         Master coach with over 2500 hours of coaching  

·         MSCEIT (Mayer Salovey Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test) accreditation to measure emotional intelligence 

·         Hogan Development and Personality Assessment accreditation 

·         Certificate IV Workplace Training and Assessment 

·         Facilitated a wide range of coaching assignments and workshops ranging from CEOs to homeless men, a chamber of commerce run by an EU country in Australia, numerous corporate and individual clients and adolescent boys, researching and using evidence based material   

·         Member of the University of Sydney Coaching and Mentoring Association