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Testimonials - What do people say?


Canon Australia :
The coaching has been instrumental in manufacturing a change to my approach to situations and events. Your ability to see beyond the obvious was incredible. I am now able to manage both personal and professional commitments” 



The coaching programme succeeded and I would strongly commend it, especially to colleagues in international NGOs. The spectre of climate change and other environmental problems is so overwhelming that we often focus on external world campaigning to the detriment of the organisation. This leaves a legacy of “activist burnout”, causing unacceptable staff turnover rates, rigid thinking, defensive campaigning and low energy levels.  


Libby use a variety of analytic tools under the rubric of her own brand of positive solutions-based philosophy. The weekly sessions helped me understand the organisational context, situations, people and my own strengths and weaknesses. She gave me tools to unravel the psychology of workplace conflict or ineffectiveness and create solutions. I learnt to see that with a few clear tools and the right attitude there is no situation in which you are powerless to bring a positive change .  



“This is the best ever. I had no idea coaching would provide me with so much ability to handle my business life so much more easily.” 



Goal setting has made a big difference for me personally and professionally, I have made decisions about my work and relationships that I had not previously contemplated.” 


Ray White: 

“Coaching has helped me see the real issues in my office. I am empowered to make the changes needed.” 


Struth Business: 

“I feel energised working with you! I am excited about what I can achieve. Coaching makes me see possibilities”. 

PhD Candidate:
A characteristic of Libby’s coaching that I value is that she is prepared to confront me if she believes I am not taking actions that will help me to achieve the goals I have set for myself. This gives her coaching a degree of rigor that is extremely effective in ensuring client growth and success.  

When I look back on the coaching experience with Libby I can clearly see how she has assisted me in enriching and accelerating my development.